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Apple to use 100% recycled cobalt in its batteries

Industry paves the way for key recycled metals in batteries, magnets and circuit boards.

Apple updates its goal of using recycled metals in products.

According to a press release from Apple, the company is redoubling its efforts to incorporate more recycled metals into its products, with the to reduce its environmental impact.

The company has implemented a system that facilitates the dismantling of devices, which will allow them to recycle more components.

Apple's goal is to use 100% recycled cobalt in all of its product batteries by 2025, which is a big increase from the current 25%.

Currently, 95% of the tungsten and nearly 70% of the aluminum the company uses already comes from recycling.

Apple has long been a leader in the use of recycled materials in its products, and these latest measures are a further step toward its goal of achieving ever-lower environmental impact.


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